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Implementing XML Encryption in Java

March 9, 2009

In the first column of this series, we presented a high-level WSS4J API, which we wish to implement in this series of columns. In the second column, we discussed the various Java components we are going to use in implementing the WSS4J API. The most important component is XML Security Suite for Java (XSS4J) from IBM alphaWorks. The second column also demonstrated how to use XSS4J for XML encryption.

In this column, we will use the XSS4J concepts discussed in the previous column to implement the XML encryption features in our WSS4J API.

Before we start the discussion, we would like to point out a name clash issue. There’s an open source Web Services Security project at (recently moved to Apache’s web site) that shares the same WSS4J name. The WSS4J API we are developing in this series of columns is purely for educational purposes and aims at demonstrating the use of WSS in Java applications. The WSS4J open source project at SourceForge (now at Apache) is an independent project and is not part of our effort.

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